Pictures from Pak occupied Kashmir

Pictures from Pak Occupied Kashmir - hidden from the world view : Heaven on earth 

Dudipatsar lake is still forbidden to tourists. 
This extremely beautiful lake is located in Kaghan Valley  

This is Mingora, Swat Valley , PoK  

This beautiful lake is Karumbar. it is located in the Hindukush mountains. 

Ushu nad Utror valleys of Swat

A Hidden Lake - Karumbar in PoK

Another Beautiful meadow in PoK 

The Beautiful Dudipatsar lake

View of Shangrila resorts & Lake  

This is Deosai - one of the highest pleatues in the world. 



In the way back from Dudipatsar Lake

Shogran, PoK. 

View of the Bureth Lake in PoK

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