ISKCON temple, Kanakapura rd, Bengaluru

Five thousand years ago ,Gokul was the home to Krishna's magical childhood where he performed innumerable loving pastimes. When Indra threatened the Vrajavasis with torrential rains, blasts of thunder and lightening, and the consequent over flooding of Yamuna - all to inundate the village, And if you were present there how would you experience all this?????  And the relief the village residents felt when Krishna lifted the Govardhan Hill and protected them!

The proposed Krishna Lila Park will give such an experience to the visitors. The main complex building will be about 360 feet tall, with a viewing gallery at 500 ft level. This hi-tech amusement park to be constructed in Bangalore on 28 acre will be the 1st theme park in India with the quality of world class theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios. Already Rs 4-5 crore has been spent on the design. The project will cost Rs 350 crore.

Today, our children’s minds are obsessed with Superman, Spiderman and such other characters and legends coming from the West. Lets introduce the great characters of our Indian epics and instill in the minds of our children the deep values they represent. 

Boat ride

4-D theatre view

Kids Zone

Cosmic Planetorium

Burj Dubai view

Now see this stuff???????. This is taken from world's tallest building "Burj Dubai" @ 2,620 ft / 801m!!! 

Really amazing. Look at the edge (uppermost right corner) of the picture, You can almost see the turn of the earth. 

The persons who are working on the upper most Girders can see the "ROTATION OF EARTH"

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Big Bazaar Women's Day Celebrations....... 
They have gone.... what about you???????

The Cancer Society of Finland ........ (Look closer, the whole layout is made of thousands of cigarattes!) :  -

World's Fastest

Fastest Car in the World
Shelby Super Cars Ultimate Aero

412.28 KMPH

Fastest Animal in the World

113 KMPH

Fastest Bird in the World
Spine tailed swift

171 KMPH

Fastest Fish in the world 

110 KMPH

Fastest Man in the world 
Usain Bolt 
40-43 KMPH

Fastest Plane in the world 
X-43 Aircraft 

12144 KMPH

Fastest Train in the World
Shanghai Maglev Train

581 KMPH

Fastest Bike in the world
TomaHawk(Not a Legal Bike)

675 KMPH