Brilliant solutions to everyday problems

No spoon?

Seatbelt broken?

New TV too big for the old cabinet?

No bottle opener?

Room too dark using compact fluorescent's?

 Fuse burnt out?

 Fuse burnt out?

Bookshelf cracking under the weight?

Can't afford a real GPS?

No ice chest?

Can't read the ATM screen?

Car imported from the wrong country?

Satellite go out in the rain?

Electric stove broken & can't heat coffee?

Wiper motor burned out?

What the?

Display rack falling over?

Tires worm out?   No problem-o!
 Might be a little hard to steer.

Desk overloaded?

Car can't be ordered with the "Woody" option?

Exhaust pipe dragging?

 Gotta feed the baby AND do the laundry?

 Gotta feed the baby AND do the laundry?

No skate park in town?